Sunday, February 18, 2007

That little red envelope

I'm not sure when they rolled it out, but I just realized today that netflix has their "watch now" tab up and running. There is no additional charge and you can view as many hours per month as your plan costs (my plan is $10/month so I can watch 10 hours). This is a tremendous boost especially to the lower pricing models. While I sometimes let my one movie sit around for a few days or a week before watching it, other times I watch it right away and am then movie-less. Now of course they don't have most of their movies available so far (only 6% of my queue was available), but they are constantly adding new ones.

I was so excited I decided to "test drive" the functionality and had no problem with the stream. The quality was good enough (I watched a movie from 1976 so it's hard to know where the limitations were) and I had no interruptions of sound or video whatsoever. My only knock against it is that I had to use IE to view the movie. Annoying, but nevertheless, two thumbs up !

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