Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

Everyone who is reading this should know the storyline behind the "Terminator" series. Man builds machine/computer, machine/computer becomes "aware", machine/computer attacks man. It's an age old science fiction story that goes at least as far back as Frankenstein if not farther. We are ever so quickly inching closer to that day.

Monday in the Wall Street Journal there were two articles that would seem unrelated except to a trained (and paranoid) eye. Below are the article titles along with a few excerpts.

Intel plans to unveil superchip
-"... they have developed the world's first programmable processor that can deliver so-called 'teraflop' performance. It uses less electricity than most home appliances."
-"The first teraflop computer was developed ... in 1996. ... supercomputer filling 104 cabinets, covering 2,500 square feet, using 10,000 processor chips and consuming 500,000 watts of power."
-" Intel expects it to be available in everyday computers by 2012."

Now the term "teraflop" doesn't mean much without any context, but suffice to say this is pretty freakin fast for a chip. It also makes a point how fast the speed of chips are still jumping ahead every ten years.

Nasa technology to help increase stem cell output
-"... the launch of technology to grow large numbers of stem cells ..."
-"It grows cartilage and muscle tissue very well."

Before the "machines" were able to make that x-files guy turn into liquid metal they had gotten pretty good at making "metal surrounded by living tissue", you know like say cartilage and muscles.

Now to top it all off "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" was on AMC that night. Coincidence? I'll let you decide; I'm personally looking into adopting a German Shepard.

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