Friday, February 2, 2007

musings of a first time blogger

So I was just surfing the web and somehow the easy to remember link to my friends blog (which I only found out about recently) popped in to my head. Hence my blog is born! I find it a bit strange that I never got in to the whole "blog revolution" in that I work in the IT industry as well as previously sending out a monthly newsletter type email to a select group of friends. I stopped doing it though because I felt like I needed to have content to send out which I think is the same reason I never started a blog. Better late than never though.

So it didn't bother me that I had nothing particularly interesting to write in my first blog until about 10 minutes later while still surfing the web I came across this. Anyone who knows me personally and takes a few minutes to look at the comments will see what I found so interesting. Lots of strange initial thoughts racing through my head on that one. And all along I thought I was so unique...

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