Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Sprint Begins

My "sprint" actually started last Friday, but I've been too tired to write about it until now. Actually I'm still really tired, but now I'm tired and bored. The "sprint" I'm referring to is the rather large (for me at least) number of concerts I will be going to over the next month or so (and then a few more sporadically after that). Some I'll go to by myself, (which I've never done before), but I figured I'd rather see said band by myself than well, not at all. Most I'll see with friends though so it should be awesome. Let me know if you want to go to any !

Including the two from last weekend, I will attend no less than seven shows through the start of April. Why stop there though? Just because I know you want it; below is a list of all the shows I plan to attend including the ones from last weekend. I sure am going to spend a lot on train tickets...

My Chemical RomanceNassau Coliseum2/23/07
From Autumn to AshesCrazy Donkey2/24/07
Killswitch EngageIrving Plaza3/01/07
Anti-FlagIrving Plaza3/08/07
ClutchIrving Plaza3/20/07
LOG/Machine HeadRoseland3/22/07
ChevelleGramercy Theatre4/03/07
Stone SourStone Sour4/06/07
Peeping TomIrving Plaza4/09/07
From Autumn to AshesIrving Plaza4/20/07
The KooksIrving Plaza5/11/07

Wow, I'm also going on the big ski trip to Vermont this weekend. I've kept myself pretty busy as of late actually. Anyway, should be pretty freakin fun. Hopefully I don't break anything.

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