Monday, December 31, 2007

The Happy Recap

Well the year is just about over and as is often the case it seemed like such a long year.

My year started with two of the owners of my company leaving and (eventually) taking all but one client, most of the management team and taking or getting to leave all the highest level programmers. As I was made aware at our holiday party though, the one owner who was left had a bit of a harder time than I did. Literally about half the year I was unsure if I'd have a job to come to, but it turned out to be OK.

I went to 23 concerts this year including finally getting to see Rage Against the Machine. How awesome is that! Anyway probably at least half of those I went to by myself....and everything was fine. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't have enjoyed it more with friends, but the alternative probably would have been me sitting home on my computer. It seems so silly now that I would have in the past put something off just because I couldn't get someone else to do it with me even though I really wanted to do it. Yay, I've evolved.

Several people my family or I know passed away this year. More people in fact than I think I can recall in the last 10 years or so. I'm not sure if that really makes a difference though. Someone dies and it generally sucks; individually of what else is going on. One of these passings has unfortunately led to a large strife in my family that I can't see ever being mended. I'm not one to say something along the lines of "some good comes from everything", but it certainly have been driven home to me with this situation that money can overpower any and all ties including family which is pretty lame.

I went to my first wedding (and more importantly bachelor party) this year which was pretty freakin cool. With that I got to see a few people I hadn't seen in quite some years and that was neat.

All in all I think things have turned out pretty good. (Aside from the whole Mets spectacular failure that is.) Tomorrow will be just another day (and since I don't write notes anymore I don't have to worry about writing the date wrong on my paper).

Happy New Year!

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