Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Instant Gratification

I'm pretty sure I've emailed everyone possible about this but I find it really cool in that some of the big TV networks are offering their shows on demand through their websites. Just tonight I was able to go to the fox website and catch the latest Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (nice little show while I can't get my 24 fix) and then afterwards surf to the ABC website to get back in to Lost. Terminator was available in several resolutions (including HD) and Lost is (seemingly) only available in HD (which is totally fine with me).

I can't see why this won't continue going forward, I'm more likely to watch a show even with commercials (which ABC has, fox didn't) when I get to choose when I want to watch the show. The reason I find this great and I think it will be successful going forward is because I'm being given a choice. My only other options are recording the show somehow and then I'm certainly not sitting through commercials.

While I was writing this I thought "Well I should check the web sites of the other networks and see if anything is available on there". I go to NBC and whoa; I can now see season 2 of 30 Rock. Awesome! It gets better though as they have "vintage" shows available for instant viewing also... including the mother f'n A-Team!!!! Actually it's only the pilot episode for now, but it looks like they will be adding one a week.

CBS had some shows available too but since most shows on CBS suck, I couldn't find much of interest on there.

Now I have even more useless ways to suck away my time!

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