Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mets 4 Life

So my sister is a mets fan. Pretty big mets fan for a girl I'd say. I like to think I've done a fair part in molding her since we were little kids. As has been going on for the past week, every game the mets play are of dire importance to get in to the playoffs.

My sister who works as a waitress generally works Saturday and Sunday during the day. They have a bunch of TVs there though so she gets to catch most of the game on the weekends. Today though some dumb ass customer decides that he wants to watch car-racing (not even football!) and has them change off the Mets game. So she tells her job that she has to leave just so she can watch the rest of the game! Well I don't know if that's what she told them, but she left just to do that. I love it!!

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