Sunday, August 31, 2008


I guess it's easy to define something as a "hobby" once you start spending money on it. So today I will officially announce running/walking ("traversing") as a hobby of mine as I went out and bought some running sneakers specifically just to run in.

I purchased the Nike Air Pegasus+ 2007 which allows me to use the Nike+ running sensor I have to upload my stats to the Nike running web site. Luckily I found them for a great price as the Nike+ sneakers generally are sold at a premium over their other running shoes. I also found out that you don't actually need a Nano to use the sensor; Nike sells a wristband for Nano-less people such as myself which is what I'll be using.

I'm not usually one for paying for the privilege of someone else to keep track of statistics for me since I can generally easily do it myself, but seeing how easy it makes things and the motivation it brings I'd recommend the Nike+ system (or at the least using a GPS) to anyone who wants to start running.

Finally, my monthly tally for this month is... 36.9 miles including 14 of that running.
This actually is only since 8/7 so I should be able to hit 40 miles next month pretty easily as long as I can keep up the same pace!

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