Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Captain' s Guide to Better Living

A couple months back, my uncle passed away. He often would hand out this little slip of paper with his tips for a happy and healthy life. It certainly meant something to me coming from a successful entrepreneur, inventor, engineer and long-living person.

With that in mind, I've decided to come up with my own list of things to help make you almost as kick-ass as me. Now it's nothing compared to this song, but maybe you'll take something from it. In fact I won't go so far as to guarantee anything with these; in fact I won't even say they "work". They're just several things I thought of that when analyzing my behavior I try to do that make me feel good. And if you're feeling as good as the Captain, you're in pretty great shape.

-Do something silly every day: That's right, every freakin day, do something that you can think of the next day and chuckle to yourself about. I tend to try to do this at work where any amount of silliness gets me more bang for my buck.

-Do something fun every week: I can hear it now. "Doing something fun costs money and I'm not a corporation seizing entrepreneur of the high seas such as yourself Captain!" To that I say "you're a whiny little bitch". Fun is hanging out with friends, playing a video game for 5 hours, splitting a bag of candy with a co-worker. Everyone has their own definition of fun, make time for it.

-Take someone out or make dinner for someone else every month: If you can't afford to take someone out, invite them over when you make dinner. You do eat right? Conversation over food is an age old tradition. Ask anyone who knows me, I spend more time talking than eating when I have food in front of me.

-Do something fabulous every year: Pretty self-explanatory I think. Once a year you should be able to do something that you really want to do and maybe haven't done before. I'm generally thinking of a trip, but maybe you go to a crazy party or take a week off of work and spend it at the beach. I can't do this all for you, you'll come up with something.

-Personalize when talking to people: I generally try to refer to people by name. You should do the same, especially when addressing me.

-Meet lots of people: (even if you don't like people) The more people you meet or know, the more knowledge you can absorb. And knowledge is power!

-Keep in touch with old friends: This is of course assuming you still like them. Nevertheless we live in a world now where you pretty much can stay in contact with anyone you want anywhere during any time. There is generally a reason you were friends with these people in the first place, why waste that effort?

-Try new things: "new" being anything you've never done before. I used to not, but I do now. I used to be poor, now I'm less poor, coincidence? I think not.

-Laugh at, and make fun of yourself a lot: It will suck less when others do it for you.

-Root for the New York Mets: This really goes without saying.

-Have a dream: There is no order to this list, but this may be the most important. Seriously how many people can honestly say they have some sort of dream still? I hope it's a lot, but I kinda doubt it. Around high school (or perhaps even before) I think most dreams are beaten out of us. This is lame and stupid. Anyway, I think it should be something somewhat based in reality, but just out there enough. I mean if it was something totally obtainable, who would dream about it?

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